Coming from a family of about nine hairdressers, I’ll admit that I’m a late bloomer. Although I’ve ALWAYS thought about doing hair, it wasn’t until I worked many different types of jobs (video post-production, utility pole inspector, record store, book store, antique store, DJ, truck driver) that I realized none of them made me happy.

I finally enrolled in beauty school in early 2012, and soon after was hired at Orbit as an assistant. While I was learning the basic techniques in school, I was also learning advanced tips and tricks from the Orbit family. I was learning about hair eleven hours a day, five days a week, for 16 months. My new job took me to hair shows and advanced learning classes in cutting, coloring, and styling.

I absolutely love what I’m doing now. Working at Orbit I meet people from all over the world, and helping them look good satisfies my aesthetic drive.

Besides hair, my other interests are scooters, dogs, and being a music/record collecting flea market shopping nerd.