Established in 1989 by Robin Vincent, Orbit Hair Design is an independent and progressive hair salon in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 1994, Orbit has been owned by John Boyle - an original member and manager of the Orbit team. We’ve won the “Best Haircut in Ann Arbor” Award fifteen times since our founding. Starting off with four chairs, we have expanded the space several times, now accommodating ten stylists and thousands of annual clientèle.

Orbit was a homegrown, personal endeavor from the very beginning. This ideal extends to each of our stylists, who act independently and with control over many aspects of their career not often seen at chain salons. The freedom at Orbit has allowed us to grow and evolve, not only as a business but also as professionals. Our team is an eclectic mix of old guard, here since the beginning, as well as up and coming stylists laying the foundations of their careers.

The space combines an aesthetic of things timeless and contemporary, through our decor, our services, and through the eyes behind the chair. This blend of classic and modern has allowed us to reinvent ourselves while also staying true to our roots - watching new stylists develop into their own generation and then going on to teach those who were in their shoes just a few years ago. Being here for 30 years, Orbit has seen many trends come and go, but has always maintained an atmosphere and staff that is diversified, informative, and welcoming.