I like to joke that I got into hair to figure out what to do with my own! There is a bit of truth there, but I was drawn to hair cutting and coloring for the human interaction, the science and problem solving, and the chance to use creativity everyday. I love my job at Orbit. I work with the most fun and creative people in a cool and unpretentious environment. There's good music pumping through the speakers, a great view of the Diag from my chair, and a clean and modern decor.

I feel like my strongest skill is the ability to listen and communicate well. The hair consultation has to be well understood by both parties to arrive at a final product that you, the client, will be happy with. I hear stories of people who go into hair salons and want an inch off, and end up being six inches shorter when they leave. With good communication and a good consultation, this would never happen.

My clients are students, U of M faculty, musicians, lawyers, kids, and local business owners. I love the diversity because I am diverse in my interests. I love film and TV, DIY projects, and cooking. I also play and listen to music in my free time. I look forward to meeting you and your hair!