After graduating with a degree in economics from the University of Michigan, I chose a somewhat unconventional path and pursued a two-year apprenticeship in hairdressing at Shear Impact under Fay Thompson. For those who don't know, Shear Impact was "the" salon in Ann Arbor at the time. The environment there was unlike any other salon in Ann Arbor. It had some of the best hairdressers in town, and was an ideal place to learn, nurture creativity, and develop a love for hairdressing. Shortly after, I was asked to manage a new salon, Orbit Hair Design, the brainchild of Robin Vincent- a great friend of mine, and former workmate at Shear Impact. In addition to all her other fabulous qualities, Robin brought a strong creative aesthetic and a unique vision to the salon. My business orientation balanced the mix of talents, and we were on our way. Robin and I shared a common point of view on what would help Orbit thrive..... finding and keeping great hairdressers. We had seen how the quality of work came and went with the coming and going of stylists. A great space, the right vibe, the right mix of personalities and chemistries, and ultimately retaining great talent, was our way of creating the salon we wanted. Today we have strong, independent stylists whose creativity and professionalism can match the best in the business, anywhere. We encourage a common sense of pride within the salon, a place where each stylist is an integral part of what makes Orbit successful. Because if this, our stylists tend to stick around.  Having owned the business now for more than 20 years, I've put down a few roots. I have a son who graduated from the Ford School of Public Policy and the U of M Law School , and a daughter in the Ross Business School at U of M. (GO Blue!)   I like to run, play hockey, bass guitar, love to flyfish, and mostly lose at poker. READ MORE